Marko Djordjevic & Sveti, Something Beautiful, 2013

marko djordjevic and sveti - something beautifulOkay, on to something to sink your teeth into! For Marko, growing up in Serbia, odd meters come natural. So his connection to jazz is probably in his DNA. Yet drumming is one thing, writing another. And I think he excels in both. So together with Bobby Avey on piano, Desmond White on upright bass, and Eli Degibri and Tivon Pennicott both adding tenor sax to 3 tracks, he recorded these 12 instrumental workouts he wrote.

Well, even if a song like Svetlana is dreamy, most of the music is intense and takes time to digest. Everybody involved gets a chance to shine and takes it. This type of music if full of improvisation, and that takes skill. Not only regarding ones´ instrument, but also in musical interaction. So the musicianship is of a high level, no doubt there. The intensity of the songs can be overwhelming to those not familiar with the genre. It also requires training to adjust yourself to enjoy this. After all, no 3 chord pop songs on offer… Surely anyone into jazz and improvisation will appreciate what is on offer here, or maybe if you want to work on your meter counting skills? Over time all the pieces fall into their place and the melodies and themes become clear. Then you will be caught and cannot let go…


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