Markus Reuter, Truce 2, 2022

front cover truce 2And here we have an album released in 2022! Based on the musical input by high profiled Moonjune artists, Markus Reuter ((touch)guitars and synths) and Asaf Sirkis (drums), who are on this occasion accompanied by Fabio Trentini on various basses. As a power trio, these guys sure know how to make a lot of noise.

Which makes for an album that will not be easy to digest. This is not music that one can play in the background. This is music that yearns for your attention, that wants to suck you in, so it can creep under your skin. In many ways, that makes this an album which will suit the lovers of the experimental side of King Crimson to a tee. For others, tracks like my favourites Consolation or One Cut Suffices might be the ones to win you over.

Not for everyone, but hey, it’s all about finding the right ones 🙂