Markus Spittka, God Is Love, 2020

front cover markus spittka - god is love Of course the world is filled with guitar wizards who can shred like there’s no tomorrow. So the question is do we need one more. Well, since (Dutch / German?) guitarist Markus Spittka is more from the Satriani side of things (meaning melody before speed), I can wholeheartedly say I do not mind listening to this album at all.

One thing that sets Markus apart from Joe is that his compositions are mostly based on (programmed) drums, bass and piano / keyboards, instead of guitar backings. And on top of that, he plays his melodies and solos. I must confess that it took me a bit of getting used to his guitar tone. But on the other hand, that tone does create an identity of its own. The 10 songs on the album are all around the 4-minute mark, resulting in 43 minutes of enjoyable instrumental music. Spittka takes his inspiration from his religious beliefs, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that he writes quality tunes and is a prolific guitar player.

Play tip: Solid Rock is a personal favourite, but just about any track will tell you what to expect.