Mastedon, It´s A Jungle Out There, 2009 (remaster)

mastedon - it´s a jungle out thereTogether with the release of the 3d Mastedon album (the first in 19 years!), record company Frontiers also reissued the much sought after 1988 debut It´s A Jungle Out There.
Mastedon is the brainchild of brothers John and Dino Elefante. The first may also be known from his time as lead vocalist in Kansas. He did for instance the sadly underrated Drastic Measures album. Plus he released a number of solo albums that are, besides a sometimes wonderful listen, also a lot more mainstream.

When I bought the 2nd Mastedon album in 1994 (1990´s Lofcaudio) I was not aware of this album. That particular CD is a long time favourite, so you will understand I was very curious for this one. Biggest surprise was the use of several lead vocalists. Something unexpected, as John is perfectly able to lead himself. Gives a number of songs a whole other vibe.
Musically speaking it is very recognisable. Melodic metal at it´s best. Catchy choruses, high octane backing vocals, great riffs and soloing, clever use of keyboards and memorable hooks. So what else can we ask for?
Bonus tracks perhaps. So we get all songs from the original album and 2 live tracks. Okay, that´s it? Yes, this is every inch as good as it´s follow up. Really wets my appetite for number 3!

Personal play tips: Islands In The Sky, Right Hand, Wasn´t It Love.