Maverick, Firebird, 2018

maverick - firebirdOriginally released by this Aussie band in 2017, this version concerns the Bad Reputation release from 02-2018.  The band is a quartet consisting of Craig Jovanovic on vocals and guitar, Nick Dudman on drums, Mark De Vattimo on guitars and vocals and Simon Hallett on bass and vocals. Their musical influences are said to be Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Humble Pie and Mountain.

But while listening to this, the name that popped up in my head the most was The Black Crowes, even when that is mostly due to the vocal delivery being somewhat similar to Chris Robinson. Anyway, if balls to the wall rock is what you are after, these guys have the right attitude and the chops to pull it off. Does that make them special? No not really, at least not in my book. This is vibrant and I have no doubts that they will rock every stage and take their crowds by storm. But most of the songs sound a bit as by the numbers. Solid, well done, but nothing really stands out.
That is, until the closing part of the album. I found I really fall for The Road and Tonight We Die, the last 2 of the 8 on offer. These do hit home for me. So I hit repeat and just listen again. And slowly but surely the album becomes more of a friend. Track 3 Obsession is also rather good. As is that riff in Black Voodoo.

So, as is so often the case, it is a grower. Play it often and see what it does for you!