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MelodicRock.com, This One Goes To 11, 2013

Melodic rock - elevenAlthough I am not in a habit of discussing compilation albums, for any Melodic rock dot com release I am gladly making exceptions. Again issued through site owner Andrew McNeice´s own Melodic Rock Records, this is the eleventh (duh) sampler with a kind of who is who in the current melodic rock scene. Just to show that many artists are only too happy to contribute to the good cause, is the fact that out of the 18 tracks on offer, 7 are previously unreleased,  5 are exclusive new tracks and the others are new previews. So you bet the community is alive and supportive of Andrew´s work.

You are wondering why? Well Andrew dedicates his life to the site and the label, but has a family and bills to pay. So besides the sponsors on the site, his income relies on selling these CD´s, in order to be able to continue. Another possibility is becoming a MR X member on the main site (in exchange you get exclusive downloads!). Good value for money I can tell from personal experience.

Just started listening to this compilation and already the opening duo of Degreed and Erik Martensson are blowing me away. But I am quite sure that with names like for instance All I Know, Jimmy Lawrence, John Waite, House Of Shakira, N.O.W., The Radio Sun or Mad Max, little can go wrong the coming 60 + minutes. If you like melodic rock, then please follow the link below and support the good cause!