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MelodicRock.com, Volume 10 – Inside My Head, 2012

melodic-rock---vol10-inside-mOn the brink of the change of year, Melodic Rock.com´s own Andrew McNeice releases another 2 disk compilation. Again not only to support the continuation of the site, but also to celebrate 15 years of getting the job done! Regular visitors will already know I am a full on supporter of MR.com, so it will not be a surprise I again would like to ask you to lend a hand and buy this collection here. And while you are at it, why not get the Christmas album there as well. Will surely spice up the festive days!

So what do you get for your cash?
Disc 1 offers 19 tracks of demo´s, alternative versions, acoustic versions, upcoming releases, exclusive songs, current releases, bonus tracks, etc., from the likes of Laneslide, Kelly Keagy, Chris Antblad, Miss Behaviour, Magnum, Mecca, Hess, First Signal and so on.
Disc 2 on the other hand is a 17 track compilation with the best tracks of the past 15 years. So great tunes from Alliance, Places Of Power, Steelhouse Lane, Two Of A Kind, Snakes In Paradise, Eclipse, Harem Scarem, Steve Lukather, Danger Danger, and the list goes on.

So a real no brainer and you still contribute to the continued existence of one of the most important sites out there (my humble opinion). You know what to do!