Mercury Fang, Liquid Sunshine, 2003

mercury fang - liquid sunshineThis is one of those records that I can play to death. It´s simply brilliant!

Some may need some time to get accustomed to the lead singer´s voice (a non-typical and fairly low type), but this band will rock your socks off. Melodic, hard rocking songs with keyboards. Trading solo´s between instruments, inventive breaks preventing the material from becoming shallow. Competent musicians, competent songs. Piano breaks, guitar solo´s, groove and the odd symphonic pieces. All executed in style and with a damn fine sound, courtesy of the mighty Pontus Norgren.

What else can I say; this is a no brainer, pretty hard to find, but one worth the time tracking down. buy it!

Personal play tips: Chains Around My Heart, Last Son, Direction.