Mind Key, Pulse For A Graveheart, 2009

mind key - pulse for a graveheartCan you imagine Jorn Lande joining a band like Threshold or Dream Theater? (yeah I am aware of the albums Jorn made with Ark) Well that might lead to the sound of Mind Key, a stunning singer stretching his vocal cords to an infectious progressive metal band.

So that ain´t a bad reference or? Well, not in my book in any case. In all honesty I had read some good things about this outfit, but they have surpassed that with ease. Besides the vocals, who really are that good, the songs proved to be highly entertaining as well. Mainly because you never feel it is about making as many noise and notes as possible. A lot of feel in the guitar playing, some nice keyboard effects, and overall just songs with heads and tails. Always nice when a band in this genre chooses songs over muscle. And still they impress with intricate instrumental parts. So if that is what you are after, this will not disappoint either.

So whatever the reason, if you are into progressive metal, enjoy melody and power, or just have a knack for Jorn typed vocals, you know what to do. For me a highlight and a reason to delve deeper into the band. Congratulations to Frontiers for another winner on their roster.