Mindgames, Actors In A Play, 2006

mindgames - actors in a playAgain through Progstreaming I got in contact with Mindgames. Another Belgium band (after Fish On Friday, whose Frank van Bogaert acts as producer, engineer, mixer and master-er), but this time in a more symphonic, or neo prog kind of style. Like early Marillion, IQ or Pendragon.
Actors In A Play is their second album and was released in 2006. Their more recent output MMX will be discussed soon by the way.

Like many neo prog bands, Mindgames go for the epic styled songs. So they wrote 6 songs that together bring us 66 minutes of music. And like many of their predecessors, they write lengthy lyrics and have a story to tell. This always puts me in a delicate situation, as I tend to feel that sometimes getting the message across, becomes more important than writing songs that seduce you. But as I have not been listening to this style lately, it might be I am just a little out of touch here.

Nevertheless, I do think the boys can compete with the prime players in the genre. All are competent musicians, they do put some great ideas into the songs and the sound is nicely balanced as well. Maybe a little clean overall, but that´s probably just me as this is common in neo prog. So if you like any of the bands mentioned, this one will prove to be right up your alley. I am already looking forward to their new(er) disk…


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