Mind:Soul, The Way It Should Be, 2013

mind:soul - the way it should beWith a release date half December 2013, this is probably a record that will be accounted for in 2014. Another Layered Reality Productions release and another Dutch band in the progressive metal vein. So it will not come as a surprise this is a concept album either. Dealing with the story of a man and a woman, falling in love. Well not quite actually, as they have taken a fresh perspective and threw in some broken and scarred individuals, so if it will all work out in the end?

A thing that struck me in the press sheet was the request to listen without prejudice. Now I happen to know first hand that many reviewers have preconceived ideas and opinions, but still, a band in this genre should not have to ask for this. Anyone not willing to take the time to digest the music, is probably not into progressive metal in the first place, or to sure about their own beliefs and taste anyway…

So what about the music? I think it ticks all the boxes. Complex arrangements, quick changing time signatures, extended instrumental parts with soloing. And still enough melodies to keep your juices flowing. Singer and one of the more central participants Tom de Wit has a not so obvious voice. No high screams, no growls, but fairly mid ranged and pleasant. (I suspect the little bit of grunting is provided by bass player Joey Klerkx) So yes, it might take some time, but I liked this album and easily recommend it to fans of the genre.