Minutian, Repercussions, 2011

minutian - repercussionsRepercussions is the debut album for Finnish progressive metal band Minutian. The biography I got describes this as “a diverse serving of music, showcasing the band´s characteristic style of audaciously mixing unconventional rhythm patterns and arrangements with familiar, time-tested elements. Sonic landscapes alter between placid motions and menacing walls of distortion, ushered by various time signatures.” … In other words, it is a progressive metal record with some lighter moods and complex song structures.

And complex is a key word here. I found it hard to connect to parts of the album. Only after repeated play familiar melodies and themes present themselves. Although I must admit that especially the more lighter parts and songs are really good. There the song becomes more important than the technical abilities of the various band members. On the other hand, within this genre many fans delight themselves with as many notes and time signatures they can handle.
For me, that is a road less travelled. I always look for identity, feel and just plain good songs. Don´t mind some complexity and love originality, but a catchy melody never hurt anyone either. So the ideas and abilities are there, but to me the only way higher up in the food chain will be to focus on the things they do best and leave some of the muscle play behind. That will make them a serious contender in this genre. Still it is a first album, so very promising at all levels! Fans of the genre, head on over to their website and start listening!

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