Mob Rules, 2 albums, 2002 and 2004

mob rulesSince my post on the excellent Radical Peace album by Mob Rules, I promised myself to buy some more albums.
So when I found this package with probably their first 2 albums, for a nice price, I did not hesitate and bought it. The albums in question are Hollowed Be Thy Name from 2002 and Among The Gods from 2004.

To cut a long story short, the albums proved very enjoyable. Melodic metal with good ideas, a lot of variety and melodies and expertly executed and produced. I did not look up how many albums they have released over time, but as far as I am concerned, these are not the last ones to be added to my collection. Great stuff, so if you call yourself a fan of all things metal, go check them out and convince your self as well!