Mob Rules, Radical Peace, 2009

Mob Rules - Radical PeaceThis German band gets labelled as Power Metal. That combination often leads to the conception of happy metal with galloping beats with double kick, simplistic lyrics, etc.. Hey not judging here!

But this album (actually the first I bought, but it appears to be their sixth full length album if I counted right) would not be done justice by referring to it that way. No, this has a lot more to offer. I even think the label is not correct. It is metal al right,  but the depth of the songs and lyrical content borders heavily into more progressive territory. The fact they they have 6 songs on it which tie together as one epic of over 18 minutes, only adds to that.

But they kept the sense of melody Power Metal is loved for and shy away from long instrumental passages in which they only exhibit their technical skills. Which does not mean they are not capable musicians. Those passages are used here to create the atmosphere they need in order to strengthen the lyrical content.
So this leaves us with an album of powerful songs, full of melody, atmosphere and feel. It rocks and it moves. It kicks ass, or sometimes just sets a mood. All in all a very pleasant surprise and a reason to check out their other material as well. Hope there is more Hammond on those too 😉

Personal play tips: The Oswald File (track 5-10).


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