Moon Letters, Until They Feel The Sun, 2019

moon letters - until they feel the sunOpener Skara Brae will tell you a lot about the music on this album; music that flows from neo prog to technical prog metal to more intimate almost folky music. But it wasn’t until the vocals started that a name from the past kept popping up in my brain, that of Klaatu! Moon Letters have the same knack for melody but have expanded the sound into a mix that many lovers of prog will surely embrace.

Worth noting is that they avoided the trap of over producing the album. So the technical proggy bits still sound fairly dry and sit remarkably well with the more neo prog and or folky segments. So when they move from a moog inspired synth solo to a more heavy guitar part, the album still breathes.
As a result the album impresses with quality songs and playing and above all melodies that stick. The fact that their songs range from 1 tot 9 minutes only adds to the many colours.

That’s a job well done!