Mostly Autumn, Go Well Diamond Heart, 2010

mostly autumn - go well diamond heartAs it turns out, I am quite on a discovery journey lately. But that is just fine by me, always a joy to find great music. The latest to finally make it to my CD player is this album Go Well Diamond Heart by Mostly Autumn. And surprise surprise, Olivia Sparnenn is again the lead vocalist. Maybe you remember I was not all that fond of her in Breathing Space, but I must confess, here I like her singing a lot better. I am guessing that is part due because the music of this outfit is far more rocking, and part because she shares vocal duties with Bryan Josh and Anne-Marie Helder. Let´s just stick to me liking it a lot more.

In hindsight I feel I should have picked this band up a lot earlier, such is the attraction of this album. From dreamy acoustic guitar with serene voices, to full throttle rock, they bring something special to the table. Maybe it is that sense of Celtic melody that does the trick, who knows. Fact is I totally enjoy listening to this. And I had read before that Josh was not only a damn fine song writer, but a master of the guitar as well. And boy, that turned out oh so true. Brought back fond memories of when one Steve Rothery from Marillion would still torture his six string. Also the sound (I am guessing Marshall with some Roland typed chorus) is akin to that.

And please don´t get me wrong, no way this is the kind of progressive music Marillion used to make. this is more rockier, with elements of folk and symphonic rock added to spice things up. With 7 musicians in the band and some more guesting, you know they have the ability to go places. So another winner, go check them out if you missed out on them like I did!