Muse, The Resistance, 2009

muse - resistanceIt took me quite some time to discover this band. Actually, I believe their credibility was proven solid after Threshold (one of my favorite bands) covered their “supermassive black hole”… since then I have become a fan and started buying their albums, including the back catalogue.

Before the release of this album, singer and guitar and keyboard player Matthew Bellamy (the other members are multi talented as well by the way) said it would be their most ambitious project yet. In hindsight I think that is mainly because of the Exogenesis suite. This is a symphony in 3 parts and this album ends with it.

But lets take a look at how the album starts. Uprising is in my book a great eehhmm uplifting song.  All the trademarks of this wonderful band are here. Soaring vocals, steady beats, and clever arrangements. Despite Muse being a 3-piece, they are able to make a lot of sound together. I say sound instead of noise, because this is ROCK in capitals. Strong melodies, great instrument handling, and they are capable of avoiding the common roads when it comes to writing. This is why I really dig this band.  So now back to the suite. This is definetly new territory. A lot of orchestrations, but still Muse. I am not one to compare albums from a band. In itself, I think this is a record worth buying. If you have their earlier work, don´t hesitate. If not, this is as good a place to start as any.

Personal play tips: Uprising, Resistance, Exogenesis.