Mustasch, Thank You For The Demon, 2014

mustasch - thank you for the demonOne of the bands on my “grab a copy of a recent album and listen to it” list is Mustasch. Not the most rock ‘n roll name of all maybe, but let me tell you, these boys do know how to pour energy into their album! Coming across as the bastard sons of Queen, the Cult and some Dio and Metallica for good measure, I was simply very pleasantly surprised with this album.

Opener Feared and Hatred combines melodic singing (great harmonies) with some metallic riffing and a powerful groove. The title track even combines that with piano and a haunting string arrangement and is a very entertaining song in my book. From Euphoria To Dystopia continues to groove and rock hard, I dare you to sit still when this track is playing.
One of the reasons this album scores with me is the fact that the boys cleverly steer away from all too familiar paths and prove able to infuse some surprises into their songs. Whether it is a break, an instrumental part, harmony vocals or added instrumentation (they are a 4 piece, so strings ‘n stuff come from outside the band), there is always a surprise lurking. and the best thing is, it is still sounding coherent!

By now you will have guessed I like this very much and will most certainly pay a visit to their back catalogue. Great album!