Nathan’s Brother, Spot On, 2021

nathans brother - spot onNathan’s Brother is Dutch multi-instrumentalist Maurice. Who might also be Nathan’s brother, I don’t know 😉 Anyway, with Spot On he delivers 10 songs, and also created the artwork.

Opener Mind At Ease is a good example of what you can expect; Beatlesesque pop, driven by acoustic guitar and with often cool arrangement ideas (for example on Any Other Day). It does rock here and there, like the chorus in Love’s The Fuel. And sometimes you think you accidentally hit the (alternative) dance floor (Take Me As I Am). And then you can chill with Out Of Time. So it’s varied, and holds a lot of ideas without sounding all over the place.

I do think some of the playing is a tiny bit sloppy, but in all honesty, that also adds to the charm of the album. And charm it has in spades! Really looking forward to what’s to come.