Nelson, Lightning Strikes Twice, 2010

nelson - lightning strikes twiceWith their debut album After The Rain, brothers Nelson created quite a buzz in the music business. Since then, things have gone up and down, with output varying in style.
But 2010 saw them returning with a vengeance to the style that made them famous. That is melodic rock with pop sensibilities.

I think they always had the looks, the sound and the songs, but just not always found themselves in the right time. In nowadays market making money is still a challenge for all parties, but again the album cannot be blamed for that, This is Nelson as I like them best. Uplifting, happy songs with plenty good melodies and great playing. From the opening notes of Call Me, to follow up Day By Day, to whatever track comes next, this is music made for the masses without becoming cheap or cheesy. It rocks, guitar solos in abundance, and still every track has a memorable hook and melody.

So for anyone who lost track of them after Love And Affection, you will be pleased with this! The website URL says it all really….