Neo Prophet, T.I.M.E., 2015

neo prophet - timeMust be me, but a name like Neo Prophet makes me think of a neo prog band. And my problem with part of the neo prog movement is that it lacks power, often the singing is uhm, not so great, and the music is just rehashing the past. So old wine in new bags or something like that. So little progression there… Well, this is not.

The four Belgian musicians (a follow up of Neo-Prophet, but with some guys from another Belgian band Quantum Fantay joining, the hyphen was dropped) set out to write a diverse set of songs and for me they succeeded. This band is able to really rock when the song asks for it, they are able to play soft, they do the long song, and also short ones, and even their singer is pretty good. So here we have the exception to the rule I guess. 🙂 Even if the style of the music will still be considered neo prog by many, I believe the band stretch numerous borders. From symphonic to prog rock and metal, to space rock and even singer-songwriter, the music goes places.

And all that leads to an album that is very enjoyable, great sounding (thanks to Frank van Bogaert, Fish On Friday) and simply put, a showcase of how to do this. Label Freia Music have another winner on their roster! Oh, and I also should mention that 20% of all proceeds by the label go to the Children With A Challenge foundation! (should you need one more reason to go and buy this)