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inner odyssey - have a seat

Inner Odyssey was founded by Vincent Leboeuf Gadreau, the band’s guitarist and main composer, in 2007, while he was still pretty young. He had been composing in a style that was leaning to the progressive genre for a while. At 17 years old. finding musicians to help him carry such a project to an end was no easy task, progressive rock being a music that requires a lot of talent, dedication and technique.

It took almost three years before the band had a complete lineup, formed of young musicians from Québec city, who shared with him a passion as strong and an ambition great enough to lead a band to a professional status. Once their material had matured enough, they began looking for recording opportunities. In 2011, with the help of some fateful encounters, they almost completely self-produced and album of a surprisingly great quality. In yet another fateful twist, it was brought to the attention of Benoit David (Mystery) through one of the members’ uncle, who hooked them up with Unicorn Records, happy to now deliver you a 2012 remastered version of Have a Seat.

Inner Odyssey doesn’t boast a myriad of technical show-off, but rather a delicately constructed flow of songs that form an album as a whole, where music and lyrics intertwine. Influenced by modern prog pillars such as Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater or Riverside, as well as old prog legends like Genesis, Pink Floyd or Yes, they aim at making music that is taken for what it is. Focusing on the feelings and emotions that music allows to be channelled as well as interesting song structures, rather than emphasizing any particular style, they try to let the music flow as it must, following the themes and lyrics to where they mean to be taken, dragging the audience along. The concept behind their first album is to invite the listener to sit down and open their minds to the music, to take part into highly dramatic events through fictional characters, plunging you deeply into the intriguing and strange beauty behind passion and misery, an inner odyssey.

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