Nicolas Meier, Infinity, 2016

nicolas-meier-infinityIf this album is anything to go by, I even more deeply regret that the previous album from Nicolas Meier somehow got lost in the mail. Because as far as instrumental (guitar oriented) music goes, this should count as the prime example of how to do that. And while part of that might be attributed to Vinnie Colaiuta on drums and Jimmy Haslip on bass, the sounds, melodies and solos coming from Meier are a feast for the ears. Amongst the instruments he uses are fretted and fretless nylon and steel stringed guitars, synth guitars, the mysterious glissentar and baglama and of course the usual electric guitar. There are also some guests on violin to further expand the sound.

Whether it is on nylon stringed guitar on Riversides, on the heavily influenced by Eastern music opener The Eye Of Horus, or the surprisingly rocking JB Top (for Billy Gibbons), this album is filled to the brim with exciting musical ideas and expert craftsmanship. And where a lot of players go astray in trying to demonstrate just how good they are, here the plot never gets lost and the songs remain focused. Which results in an album that is easy to get into. The melodies keep dancing and seduce you to hit play again after the CD has finished rotating. Which should also make it attractive for people who rarely listen to instrumental music to give this a try.

So a warm recommended for this awesome collection of songs!