Nightingale, Retribution, 2014

nightingale - retributionSome of you might know Dan Swanö (vocals, guitar, keyboards) from his more heavy projects like Witherscape or Edge of Sanity. My personal favourite is this, his band Nightingale. It’s been a while, but finally that seventh album has hit the stores. If you are not familiar with Nightingale, it is promoted to fans of Marillion, Arena, Rush, Threshold, The Mission or Opeth. And I can live with those names although I think that the melodies here will also appeal to people that love darker melodic rock. Because it surely falls into prog rock / metal territory, but is very melodic and thus easy enjoyable.

The dark voice of Dan is a joy, his gravelly tones are accompanied by clever harmonics and the result is a pleasure to listen to. Never a man to take the easy route, this album is another testament of a man who seems to excel at everything he does. So I totally agree with the sticker on the CD that says this is a timeless hybrid of atmospheric metal, catchy AOR and melodic prog.

Together with his brother Dag on guitars and keyboards, Erik Oskarson on bass and Tom Björn on drums, this album only needs 2 things, a repeat till night falls and a successor within a year or 2. Great stuff, get it!