Nili Brosh, Spectrum, 2019

nili brosh - spectrumIf ever there was a title that fits the contents, then it must be this one. This is an album that showcases the many influences and genres  Nili is capable of writing and performing, making it a real broad spectrum of songs.

But first a step back. Nili Brosh has shared the stage with many bands and guitarists and released this, her third solo album, late 2019. Openers Cartagena and Andalusian Fantasy rely very much on nylon stringed guitars and therefore have a very Spanish folk feel. Circus Wedding and Rachel in Paris take you from polka to chanson before arriving in more rock territory with Solace. And despite whether you like tracks like that, every single one is done with style and finesse.

Still, I cannot deny that the moment the electric guitar is plugged in, my blood really got pumping and I was listening with more interest. Co producer Alex Argento made sure the keyboards added lots of texture to the often fabulous fretwork from Nili. Who not only shreds, but is also more than capable of playing very melodic phrases, creating melodies you will find yourself whistling for days.

Going from polka to progressive metal is asking a lot from your audience. But for me, taking risks like that should be applauded. Phenomenal album!