Nothing But Thieves, Moral Panic II, 2021

Nothing But Thieves, Moral Panic II

So, the second of Nothing But Thieves’ Moral Panic was recently released. The follow-up EP “Moral Panic II” of the already impressive album fills the gap the original Moral Panic left behind. It’s somewhat agressive, with ‘Ce n’est Rien’ as its surprising peak, where the first Moral Panic sometimes felt like Nothing But Thieves were looking to score the next ‘Sorry’.

Well, I like how they’re aiming for the new ‘Amsterdam’ on the new EP instead. With songs like ‘Futureproof’ and ‘Your Blood’, this band truly shows some teeth, as well as calmness. It’s always good to see bands experiment, be diverse, even though they broke through to the bigger crowd (with their next Dutch concert – hopefully in november – taking place in the Ziggo Dome, I dare to say they’re for the bigger crowd now).

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of this band, this album and this EP, even though some songs gave me mixed feelings. The original Moral Panic’s ‘There Was Sun’ just isn’t really my thing, while the album’s closing track ‘Before We Drift Away’ feels highly underrated.

Well, hopefully I triggered you to listen to both the album (Moral Panic) as well as their new EP (Moral Panic II), as they’re both worthy follow-ups after their first two albums.