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novAct – Tales From The Soul, 2005

novAct - Tales From The SoulTalking of a surprise! I had this album written down for purchase for several years so was glad to be able to buy it at a friendly price.

This is progressive rock often bordering into metal. Very massive sounding, thanks no little to the effort of Oliver and Christian´s (Everon) Spacelab Studios. Alas it is this wall of sound that also causes a little tiring effect in the long run.
A quick look at the website tells me the band is no longer in operation. Which is a shame as this sounds like they were going the right way.

Music and performance are very convincing. In fact I think this is one of the best Dutch albums I have heard in a long time. A pity they were not able to build on that. But if you like your music sounding good, with lots of keyboards and guitars, with expressive and emotional vocals and avoiding clichés, than this is worth tracking down. Despite my small criticism this is class a stuff. I hope they get together again and record some more. Judging from the remarks in the guestbook on the site, there was already more material on it´s way…

Personal play tips: Eternal Life, Flower, Nothing Worth Fighting For.