Oceans Of Night, Domain, 2011

oceans of night - domainDomain is the second album by Oceans Of Night, the band that consists of Scott Mosher (instruments and songs) and Scott Oliva (vocals) with Alan Smithee on drums. Scott number 1 has graced these pages before and being the principal songwriter it is of little wonder that Oceans Of Night continues his solo work.
The music is best described as a hybrid of progressive metal with ambient music. And though it may sound strange, this actually works very well. In fact, the result is pretty unique and that is no mean feat in this time!

Opening with the 17 + minute epic title track, we hear everything that makes me like this CD so much: spine tingling spheres, brooding synthesiser arrangements with delicate vocal melodies in the choruses, and still enough metal guitars to satisfy that lust for riffs and fretboard pyrotechnics.  Singer Scott reminds me a bit of Zak Stevens (Savatage, Circle II Circle), so rest assured that is a voice to love.
The other 9 tracks are 4 to 8 minutes long, and all display the qualities involved. The combination of styles really creates a tension that I love in music. Great playing and interesting ideas in all departments do the rest. I am quite confident that everyone into progressive metal will dig this stuff. Highly recommended!
Good thing the boys are already confident there will be a next CD in 2012, I will be looking forward to that…


7 thoughts on “Oceans Of Night, Domain, 2011

  1. Anyone who digs Rush, classic Queensryche, Fates Warning, Iron Maiden and the like, mixed with ambient textures and dramatic soundscapes, should really dig this CD. If you don’t dig those aforementioned bands, but are musically adventurous, you’ll really dig this CD. If you hate everything in the world, you’ll still like this CD. Trust me!

  2. Ya buddy sets the mood for me when I am heading out at night to take pictures …..The hard driving metal sounds gets me their and the Dreamy soundscapes….helps me compose the nights sky …..PEACE

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