Oceans Of Night, Midnight Rising, 2014

oceans of night - midnight risingAll around nice guy Scott Mosher (guitars, bass and keyboards) and his Oceans Of Night project are no strangers to the blog. So it is with pleasure that I write some words on the new album, Midnight Rising. Typed as ambient metal, or progressive metal if you will, Midnight Rising was again mixed and mastered by Joey Vera and features guest appearances by Vivien Lalu, Chris Rifkin and Stephanie Warren and as before, lead vocals by Scott Oliva and drums by Alan Smithee.

Like on its predecessors, Oceans Of Night deliver a melting pot of prog metal, melodic hard rock and ambient sounds. So you will understand that there is a lot of light and dark here. But Mosher bridges the styles to compliment each other, rather than write songs in specific genres. Listening back and forth to this, I think the balance between power / aggression and dynamic / flowing is pretty good on this album. And I also feel that production wise this is one of the best sounding releases of him so far. Damn nice if there is still progression after six releases!

With 10 tracks ranging from just over 3, to 10 minutes, this is almost an hour of music. Soaring guitar solos, guitar riffing, keyboards in multitude and melodic choruses, it is all here. I like this music very much and heartily recommend it to lovers of the genre. Should you be afraid of ambient, just think of it as prog metal and give it a try!


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