Oceans Of Night, The Shadowheart Mirror, 2009

oceans of night - the shadowheart mirrorMulti-instrumentalist Scott Mosher is becoming a regular here on YourMusicBlog. Not so long ago I wrote about the second Oceans Of Night album, which I liked very much. So with some help from Scott I completed his whole discography. His older solo albums are already signposts of what Oceans Of Night is. The combination of ambient keyboards and progressive metal is already showing it’s face there. But with help from singer Scott Oliva he has raised the bar.

Yet in all honesty I feel this album is a stepping stone for the Scotts. While it still holds the ideas and music Mosher stands for, it does not rival it´s successor in every department. Partly because the drums are programmed, and sound like it. Partly because in some tracks the guitars and keyboards are fighting each other, instead of adding value. This is a equalizing thing I think.
If we listen past that, we again find an album full of original ideas, competently written and performed. Variety is key, yet the guys know they need melodies and creative instrumental ideas to hold the listeners attention. And succeed, as everyone into progressive metal accepts numerous listens and not expects every track to be instant.

So another good album, and if the progression from album 1 to album 2 is a promise for the future, I personally cannot wait for the next CD to get finished.


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