Odin’s Court, Turtles All The Way Down vol. II, 2018

odin's court - turtles all the way down vol iiThe reason that I very much prefer to receive a CD for review purposes, is not only that I still think that it sounds better than a compressed file. Or that it suits my listening habits more. It is also because mp3 files often get lost somewhere on my pc and I have a hard time keeping track. So sorry Odin’s Court, now you know why these words are arriving late.

Okay on to the album then. The guys boldly start with a 20+ minute epic called A Brief History Of Time. Which serves as a perfect way to introduce all you can expect from the band: progressive metal, soaring melodies, breaks, solos, and also laid back interludes to give you some breathing space.
And they prove to be very good at what they do. Every musician gets a chance to shine without making it sound like they thought “oh wait, we need a spot for a bass solo”.
No they keep it together and the songs flow. As a result the 8 tracks and almost 60 minutes fly by as I am listening to this. And every time I just hit repeat. This not only because of what I said before, but the melodies and especially the choruses are damn catchy too. In the genre they are more comparable to Threshold than to Dream Theater if you know what I mean. I feel the songs are still more important that showing off their capabilities.

Very good album, go check it if you have not tried it yet.