Odyssice, Moondrive, 2013

Odyssice - MoonDriveOriginally released as a mini album in 1997, here we have an remastered and expanded 2 disk version. Disk one has the original 4 tracks and added are the first song they released Losing Her (1988), a live track and 2 demos. Disk 2 of this set contains 11 songs recorded live around 2001.

Having never heard the original album, I cannot compare this sound wise. This version sounds warm and full. The instrumental prog mostly brings extended guitar solos with backup from drums and bass and keyboards in a mainly supporting role. The music is very enjoyable, I really like the tone of the guitar and am guessing founder Bastiaan Peeters is influenced by Camel´s Andy Latimer. Though Power Loc shows some love for Rush and Alex Lifeson as well, since the opening is an obvious tribute. My only point of criticism would be I feel that the songs would sometimes benefit from editing. Some ideas just linger on a bit too long and thus lose momentum. Still, vocals are not missed at all, so that proves the strength of the band.

The live disk shows the band plays tight and the guitar sound is there as well! Another plus is that the 11 tracks are more varied in length, clocking in between 2 to 8 minutes. Should you have missed this at it´s original release, then this is a great chance to correct that omission and grab this release.