Offworld, Some Circles Are Square, 2016

offworld - some circles are squareWell, I guess this is for the ones who like their music trippy and psychedelic. The core of Belgian band Offworld are the trio of Peter Baart (bass and fx), Stijn van den Bossche (keyboards and fx) and Tom Tas (guitars). Guests are Rob Martin (drums), Pieter van den Broeck (keyboards) and guest solos from Joris van Daele (guitar) and Geert Roels (sax). And if you did not find a vocalist there, you are right, because this is an instrumental album.

And while the combination of psychedelic, trippy and instrumental may sound like something you would want to avoid, in this case you might be missing out on some rather tasty music. I suspect the the band members have some roots in progressive rock and metal music, because the songs have clear structures and are very varied in their arrangements. The guitar playing is of high calibre, both with riffs as with solos. But the fx and keyboards take care of all the moods you will encounter while listening to this. And also add some solos.
So the good thing is, the band never just dabble on, they have a clear vision of what they want the song to bring to the table and they stick to it. In any case, I never once got bored listening to this and they rarely go over the top.

So square or not, I liked listening to this! You might do to if you give them a try. Start with Alien Vocal Chord Trauma and Shaman’s Garden and work your way from there.