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On The Rise, Dream Zone, 2009

on the rise - dream zoneThis second album from On The Rise (now with only Terje Eide playing most of the instruments, along with the help of people like Eric Ragno) is a prime example of how commercial sounding melodic rock, can still be relevant. Commercial actually being the wrong word of course, as almost bloody no one plays this type of music on radio anymore. Which is a shame! But you will get I am hinting at music that is easy on the ears and quickly sinks into your system.

Opener Lifeline has a brilliant riff and chorus, and the guitars are supported by some tasty Hammond. As is the case on several other tracks on the disk. Enough room for variation, and arrangements are mature as well as the playing.

So in all honesty, I think this is a pretty simple thought process; do you like your rock to be melodic, with enough guitars and keyboards to keep things interesting and diverse, and with harmony vocals that are big where they can be? Than this is clearly a winner for you.