One year of Your Music Blog!

yourmusicblog avatarDear Visitors,

tomorrow it will be one year since I started this. Looking back I never thought it would reach this far. After all, over 6800 visitors and counting, 250 posts and counting. Wow, thank you all!

The Classic Series rank among the most visited posts. Also some others keep attracting visitors. So hereĀ“s to the next year, CHEERS!


3 thoughts on “One year of Your Music Blog!

  1. Congratulations, Peter!
    And best wishes for much continued
    success. And thanks again for your
    great review of ‘The Cost.’

  2. Hey Peter!
    In the maze of music, its great to find people like yourself, spending the time to review !! Music the melody of life…
    Very best to you Peter !

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