Oneironaught, Enlist Today, 2013

oneironaught - enlist todayAnd back to instrumental music. That is, for the most part. Oneironaught are a quartet hailing from the USA, probably New York area. If I translate the booklet correctly (all is done as if you were reading a flight manifesto) Nathan Lincoln plays guitar, David Mieloch drums, Damon Pelletier bass, and Robert Pena guitars and keyboards.

Together they wrote and recorded 7 songs ranging from 4 to 11 minutes, resulting in an album that clocks in at almost 50 minutes. Some tongue in cheek in the song titles. Like opener The Schillinger Escape Plan, or Your Body Is Responding Incredibly Well (To The Pregnancy). I always have a problem pinpointing genre tags, but I guess this is best described as a mixture of progressive metal with alternative rock. So we go from unisono riffing to melting solos over various meter changes, to much lighter pieces that focus more on subtlety and or groove. Of course this makes it an album to grow into, as it is often busy and demands your undivided attention. I like the boldness of going for a fairly honest and transparent production, that is not completely flattened by compression. Which also makes clear the guys can play!
There is a little singing in Emerald City and that isn´t half bad either, so something to try a bit more next time guys?