Opensight, Mondo Fiction, 2022

font cover opensightBack in 2010 I wrote about an EP by Opensight and ended with wishing they’d release on CD. Probably I missed a lot in between, but here we have a CD by the band at last! The then trio has in the meantime expanded to a 4 piece, with Ivan still being the driving force behind all.

So, how have these 12 years treated the band? From the enclosed press sheet, I gather they have been releasing additional material in between. The songs are an interesting mix of styles and genres, creating an almost film like mood throughout. But rest assured, at heart this is a rocking album, with clever arrangements that change tone but still manage to keep the energy going. In case this all makes no sense, I invite you to check tracks like The Great Silence or Plot Twist and you will experience first hand how this guys manage to mix things up while never losing track of their course.

So I am a very happy reviewer and am left with the desire to go check their back catalogue. Very interesting band!