Ossicles, Mantelpiece, 2015

ossicles - mantelpieceThis Norwegian duo consists of cousins Sondre and Bastian Veland. The original version of this album was already released privately in 2012, when they were about 16-17 years old! Prog star Steven Wilson has commented he could not believe them being able to write this music at that age, and Mike Portney was so impressed he invited them to Progressive Nation at Sea. All the awe has led to this re-release on Karisma Records. In the meantime the boys have recruited a full band and coming October will see the release of their next album.

Opening with mellotron flutes in Dewer’s Hollow, we are welcomed with a very serene piece that really succeeds in slowing you down. Thus making you more open to the mellow yet commercial tones of Luna’s Light.  More progginess follows in 1400, with a great repeating part on the bass and the instrumentation that keeps building. This is a track that makes me wonder how many Porcupine Tree albums they have listened to. No copying by the way, just the moods, the instrumental sections and the variation all in all bring PT to mind. Moral Grey comes next and takes everything even further, without losing the plot. Hardly halfway in it becomes clear this is a talented bunch and it makes me look forward to coming album Music For Wastelands.

In my opinion a must for anyone into the names mentioned, very good!