Outloud, We´ll Rock You To Hell And Back Again, 2009

outloud - we'll rock you to hell and back againTo me, everything about this release screams metal clichés. From the CD title, the wall of Marshalls on the front cover, the way the lady is dressed, to the logo. And on the back it is much of the same. Only this time the musicians in black leather posing with what I guess are their angry faces…. Must admit that does not impress me much. Must be me, or maybe I am not getting it. Because let´s face it, in many cases image is as important as the music, and as this blog is about the music, so let´s move on to that.

Little surprise this is melodic metal, with some guys already known for other ventures. And while there is no denying there are some cute tracks on the CD like We Run or Search For Truth, overall I got the feeling the band is aiming at a specific target audience. Making it sound a little too consciously written to meet certain demands. I mean, the band can play, songs are carried by melodies to sing along to, everything is where it should be. But I find myself not challenged. If it were a pop band, I would think they were a product of a marketing department, instead of some guys coming together to rock the world.

Little doubt there are a lot of people who want this. And if you feel the music has stopped after the eighties, maybe you are one of them. I think I need a little more adventure… Oh, and again a Frontiers release without a direct link to the band´s website. Wake up, it is 2012! (or 2009, but you get the point)