Overhead, Of Sun And Moon, 2012

overhead - of sun and moonDespite this turning out to be the fourth CD of Finnish band Overhead (debuting with Zumanthum in 2002), this is the first time I have heard of them. Guess I am returning to explorer mode ;-). Don´t know if it comes across in the picture on the left, but the digipack is in 3D. And the necessary glasses are added, so everyone can enjoy the somewhat macabre yet stylistically beautiful booklet. You just have to see the inside panels!
Why mention that? Because I believe it is another example of a how this band wants to make clear they mean business. And are plain good at what they do!

Yes, it did not take me many spins to get into this band. Bordering in the vastly occupied territory of heavy progressive rock bands (sometimes bordering into metal) this is a band that knows what they are doing. The songs range from 4 to almost 8 minutes and are very adventurous. Great arrangements and held together by the vocals who are very melodic. So the unaware listener does not lose his interest. Competent musicians therefore and I especially want to point out the interplay between keyboards and guitars which I feel lifts this band even further. But the rest is on par, no worries there.

So this makes me want to track down their older stuff as I find this highly entertaining and will heartily recommend this to any serious prog lover.

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