Oz Knozz, 10,000 Days & Nights, 2008

Oz Knozz - 10,000 Days & NightsI always thought my band Chinawhite is slow releasing albums, but these Americans out do us in that field easily. In 30 years of existence this is their second output! At least, if memory serves me right.

And with an album not even reaching 40 minutes, I am guessing they put quality over quantity any time.

What we have here is a mixture of melodic hard rock and more progressive tinged music. There are a lot of backing vocals and catchy choruses, but also keyboard solo´s and short instrumental pieces and riffs that show the band are not afraid to experiment.

Of course, with so many years under their belt, it is clear from the word go that these guys know their instruments. Some guitar solo´s are very impressive. But melodies are never far away, making this an easy to digest album. Most of the songs lasting 3 to 4 minutes also contributes to the quick acceptance of this record.

I like it, and hope the band will not let us wait that long for a next release. Meanwhile I will try to track down a copy of Rough Mix, their previous release.

Personal play tips: just start it up!


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