Oz Knozz 1975 debut officially available in digital formats!

From the band:

Good evening Friends and Fans. Many of you know that the Debut Album by Oz Knozz was titled “Ruff Mix” and it was released as a 12″ vinyl album back in May of 1975. The vinyl copies still command top dollar at Record Conventions and on sites such as eBay.

In more recent years, “Ruff Mix” has been re-released on CD by various record labels around the world. Unfortunately, these CD releases were done WITHOUT the permission of Oz Knozz, but since the labels were primarily outside the USA, they were basically out of reach, and we just had to grin and bear it. At least we became known overseas as much as 15 years ago!

All that has now changed. Since Oz Knozz has been signed by Prog Rock Records/The Record Label (http://www.therecordlabel.net),  they have sent Cease and Desist letters and emails to the offending labels around the world and have succeeded in getting the bootleg versions of “Ruff Mix” pulled off the market (at least I can’t find them available for sale any more; Marty). Oz Knozz, at long last, has DIRECT CONTROL over the existing “Ruff Mix” files, and we have made the original files available as mp3 downloads on CD Baby ( http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/ozknozz), and our store on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/ozknozz). For those of you who prefer uncompressed downloads, “Ruff Mix” will soon be available as a download in FLAC and OGG formats at Mindawn Records (http://www.mindawn.com), which is the subsidiary download site of Prog Rock Records. Our second and third CD’s, “10,000 Days & Nights” and “True Believer” are already up on the Mindawn site, so the entire Oz Knozz library, consisting of 3 albums with a total of 26 Original songs, will soon be accessible!

At present, “Ruff Mix” is available as a download only, but you may download either the entire album or choose from individual songs. It is a very good feeling to have this album finally “come home” where it belongs!

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