Ozzy Osbourne, Scream, 2010

ozzy osbourne - screamThe first Ozzy album in a very long time to not feature guitar god Zakk Wylde, Scream sees Ozzy return to the sound of before the Wylde era. New guitarist Gus G is of course not exactly a new kid on the block. So proves able to fill the gap with confidence and panache. And a lot of firing solo┬┤s, heavy riffs and mighty power chords as well.

Well, maybe I should delve a little deeper into the sound of this album. Because a little Wylde legacy is still present in some tracks. Especially the heavy down-tuned chords pass you by on several occasions. But overall the feel of this album is more that of the Ozzy of the eighties. Yet with a modern sound, courtesy of producer and co-songsmith Kevin Churko.

And all that aside, this is still an Ozzy album. If you liked him before, there is little risk you not like this. This is melodic metal Ozzy style, and it is an inspired one. The man himself singes like in his prime, I believe he sobered up once more. And ends the album with an ode to all of his fans, yes, we love you too!