Pallas, Wearewhoweare, 2014

pallas - wearewhowearePallas have been around for quite a while and in my humble opinion always deliver interesting albums. This is the second with singer Paul Mackie, who replaced personal favourite Alan Reed in 2010. Paul also has a good voice and is able to vary a lot, and does nice harmonies as well, so no complaints! The biggest change I see in this release however, is regarding the artwork. Especially people who already are afraid of clowns will find this ehhh interesting? Just kidding, this is very intriguing work and surely adds to the whole package!

The music of Pallas is as always (neo) progressive rock with equal parts of keyboards and guitar. Always succeeding in creating moody music, rich in dynamics and melody, and this album is no exception. A funny thing happened when I heard Dominion, somehow it sometimes reminded me of Muse! Which is probably testament of the prog vibes from them 🙂 And I am sure Pallas wouldn’t mind selling the same numbers…

Why the band went for the Indiegogo route I don’t know, maybe that they wanted to gain more control over the result? But going indie did not have an impact on quality. This is vintage and solid Pallas so anyone familiar with the band should be able to enjoy this as well. And if you do not know them but like prog, this is a band you ought to discover!