Pallas, XXV, 2011

pallas - xxv

With new guy Paul Mackie behind the microphone (and really liking Alan Reed´s singing) I was curious about this new Pallas record. Probably all people into progressive rock are familiar with the band and their version of this genre´s music. I really dig their brand: melodic, adventurous arrangements on keyboards, riffing from bass and guitar that can go anywhere, even in sometimes more heavy territory, and one of the better drummers in the ranks.

So did the change of singer bring something new to the table? Well yes and no. It is obviously Pallas, still refining their sound and refusing to stand still. Nice touch this time are more soundscape like pieces like  Something In The Deep, really spooky! That approach creates a whole lot of room to breathe and they work with that expertly.
And yes Paul Mackie is not Alan Reed. But I think that is a wise move. Let him find his own ground within the band, no problem. He is a good and convincing singer and not afraid to experiment with effects.

So after a couple of spins I can confirm this is another strong record for the gents and one that is still growing on me. And ain´t that a sign for greatness? And with a cover and booklet that is updating artwork from old, transforming it to fit this sci-fi fable, they proof they know where they are coming from, but are still looking ahead. Keep on moving!