Pangea, Retrospectacular, 2010

Pangea - retrospectacularAt the end of previous century Pangea released 2 terrific rock albums. Fuelled by an energetic vibe, catchy melodies and groove, the band really brought something exciting to the table. So it was a bummer when things fell silent after those 2 albums.

Luckily they have picked things up again and delivered another fine album. So for those familiar with their previous work, this is a no brainer! Get it and enjoy yourself with it.

For all others, and there probably are too many of you, or else the band wouldn’t have been sleeping for over 10 years…WAKE UP. This is a great band with everything you could ask for in a modern rock band. You just got to hear those potent riffs and groovy guitar punches. And the singing and melodies aren’t half bad either. This band just spreads positive vibes that will make it impossible for you not to like it. First your feet start tapping along, and then you start humming.

So no delay, support the band and fingers crossed they will do us the honour of recording more of this fantastic stuff! But as I have trouble finding an active website, I fear the worst…