PanzerBallett, Planet Z, 2020

panzerballett - planet zMy first time listening to a Panzerballett album. And it sure makes for an otherworldly experience… This is for people who are not afraid of inventive drumming, crazy riffs, plenty of breaks and solos and who also do not mind lots of saxes.

Yes, the complexity demonstrated here requires the technique of drummers like Virgil Donati, Marco Minneman or Morgan Agren. Band leader Jan Zehrfeld plays some mean guitar throughout and proves able to make any composition his own. Because I read that this time he used songs from Nelida Bejar, Martin Mayrhofen, Leonhard Kuhn, Jeff Novotny as well as Richard Wagner and some of his own.
Funny track titles as Who The Jack Is Migger and No One Is Flying The Plane cannot hide that this will not be an album for everyone. This album challenges the listener and the cacophony of ideas requires dedication and time invested before one can understand even a bit of what is going on.

Then again, if all this sounds like something you will enjoy, it most certainly will.