Papa Roach, The Paramour Sessions, 2006

papa roach - the paramour sessionsFormer rap metal act Papa Roach have over time evolved to a metal band with influences from nu to rap. But it is mainly metal now. And they are good at it too. Because of those influences they are not your average band, but I like how they sound on this.
Sometimes a bit over the top, but always locked in a groove and with melodies in abundance. So they have come quite a long way from Last Resort, but this is worth the money and effort.

Opener …To Be Loved sounds like Linking Park went partying with Disturbed. Crash is another track with obvious nu metal accents. Songs like Crash or The World Around You are heavy, yet have a catchy chorus.  Great to hear how now singer Jacoby Shaddix has progressed over time. He really has a lot of arrows on his bow now, screams and all. Also more mellow material like Forever is delivered with feel and confidence. The variety the band display is another ace up their sleeve. The CD withstands repeated play with ease and manages to grow as well. So nothing left to say other than this is a damn fine collection of songs, get it!

Oh, one remark for the record company: I don´t know who comes up with that ridiculous small letter-type on the back of albums and also choose colours that are hard to distinguish, but I can´t read any of it! It won´t hurt to rethink that policy…