Pathosray, Sunless Skies, 2009

pathosray - sunless skiesAlready from the somewhat macabre artwork (watch those nails in detail!) you get a pretty good idea that this is a progressive metal band. A cross somewhere between Dream Theater (who else), Symphony X, and Zakk Wylde´s heavy guitar work with those typical flageolettes. And with enough melodies to get signed by the famed Melodic Rock label Frontiers, also from Italy.

But as the proof of the pudding is in the eating, how about the music? Surprisingly the drummer and bass player seem the be the driving forces behind the band, with the rest adding here and there in the song writing department.
A lot of heavy (partly down-tuned) guitars are combined with mostly atmospheric keyboards and the odd piano. Not surprising is the bass and drums playing an important role in the songs. A lot of solo´s, both guitar and keys. Enough variation to keep your interest going. And a high pitched vocalist without a noticeable accent I might add. The nice rough edge to his vocals in the more lower parts is welcome.
In this kind of music you do not expect the songs to be instant. But a few spins reveal those melodies are there indeed. Altogether making this a pleasant listen and a worthwhile addition to your collection.

Personal play tips: Crown Of Thorns, Quantic Enigma, In Your Arms.