Patti Witten, Tell The Wind, 2007

patti witten - tell the windEnd November I paid attention to PattiĀ“s previous album Sycamore Tryst. I can repeat a lot of what I said there, so I will just say it again, using other words šŸ˜‰

Tell The Wind is a beautiful album that deserves your attention if you like quality music with a mystic touch. The opening songs of Encircled, Almost Just As Good and Obvious will already tell you a lot about the album’s scenery. Encircled changing between up and down tempo a lot, whilst making sure to tie your attention to it. Almost Just As Good is another fantastic song that just grabs you by the throat and makes you hit repeat.
Overall I think this record is somewhat slower in tempo, but the playing and writing is of the same high calibre. Expertly executed by the same team, so no surprises there. So that touch for detail is not lost either. I feel there is a little more emphasis on PattiĀ“s vocal and acoustic guitar playing here, but that only adds to the picture.

As I said before, strange how this music gets under your skin. Something undefined, yet so strong. Coming from someone into more hard rocking sounds, that says a lot. Maybe not for every hour of the day, but I am unashamed to confess I really dig this stuff. So serious addiction warning, but please support Patti and check her music out!

Personal play tips: every track!



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  1. Peter, thanks again for another thoughtful review. I really appreciate the time and effort spent to describe music that is not easy to label. Kindest regards to you!

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